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Export QuickTime MOV files using QuickTime 7 Pro player for Stock Footage Submission

If you are a direct visitor to this page, then this tutorial is connected with other main tutorial which explains the initial details about Stock Footage.

If you wish to visit main tutorial - go below link.
>> Tutorial guide for Stock Video Footage preparation and exporting as a valid QuickTime files for submission.

Now, lets take a look at How to export QuickTime MOV files from QuickTime Pro Player for Stock Footage Submission.

If you are new producer who creating stock footage stock agencies like..
www.dreamstime.com ( newest member to stock footage )

Then, this is the file format requirement for a valid QuickTIme mov file for submission.

Quicktime MOV format (.mov) compressed using PhotoJPEG or Motion-JPEG (MJPEG) codecs.
    -  PhotoJPEG codec for Progressive scan video files.
    -  Motion-JPEG codec for Interlaced scan video files.
Compression - 95%, Best
Audio. Any ambient sound that is relevant for the clip or voices are acceptable. But for Animations sound should be mute. 

In this example, I'll be preparing a clip of a Chameleon which I shot using Canon SX260 HS. Its has properties of  1920x1080, 23.976fps, MOV file, 112mb file. I'm going to select 10sec - 21sec segment and export that portion.

1. Open up QuickTime Pro player. 
If you don't have this player you can purchased this by visiting these links. 
For Windows
For Mac

 I'm using QuickTime 7 Pro.

Open QuickTime Pro 7.
(the method describing on this tutorial is only possible with Pro version but not with free version. )

2. Then open the footage file via QuickTIme player. 
go to File --> Open File  (CTRL + O ) , and it will open video file inside a new player instance.

3. In this video , I need to edit and cut/select  the 10sec to 21sec segment. So my final clip will be around 10 sec long. So it comply with Stock footage clip duration standards which is 3 sec to 30 sec duration. 

If you mouse over the player timeline, at left corner you'll see small two handles. Those are for video trimming. (making a selection)

So, place the left handle where you video want to as start point, and right handle where should video end. My time range is 10sec to 21sec.  
(When you hold and dragging the handly, you can see the current handle time is visible at left side of the player, so you can easily determine the current time. )

4. Then Go and select,  Edit --> Trim to Selection
this will cut down to the selected area from the timeline. So then you can export that portion only.

Ok, Now we are ready to export our video segment. 
Go to File --> Export (CTRL + E on windows )

Then it will open the "Save exported file as" dialog box. 

On there, You can give a file name and select the file location as file saving path. 
Then from the "Export" drop-down, select "Movie to Quick Time Movie" option.

In some case, You'll not see export file type options as my picture above. If you see lesser number of file types then you should do this. 

Go to , Edit --> Preferences --> QuickTime Preferences

Go to Advanced Tab and Put a tick mark for "Enable encoding using legacy codecs".
This will bring up the all the file formats to export window as well as codes as well such as Motion JPEG. 

....... So.. We were at Export dialog box..
After selection QuickTime Movie from dropdown, then Click on the "Options" button, it will bring up Movie Setting dialog box. 

at Compression Type  section,  You need to select correct Video Codec from here. Select Photo JPEG from the drop-down. This code will work for most of every footages. Standards says that you should use Photo JPEG, if your footage is Progressive Scan footage. (for computer animations too )

If you footage is Interlaced Scan footage, then you should select Motion JPEG as your video codec. ( You can visit my other tutorial to learn more about Interlaced, Progressive types here )

You can adjust Quality of the video. You need to set your Quality to 95,  
Stock agencies ask for Quality up to 95, so the file size will stay on reasonable size. 

and frame rate should be Current. Then Once you done Press Ok. 

If you want to export sound with the video file, Then you should Check "Sound" option there. These settings will good for as sound settings.

So, Press Ok, and close the option window. 
and Then, You are good to go. Press "Save".

It will take few seconds to export depending on your system. 
So..Its time to upload the footage for submission. Good Luck.

and here is the submitted stock footage file that I was using here as sample edit. 

If you want to do the same task with different software, 
1. Adobe After Effect :  Export QuickTime files from After Effect for Stock Footage Submission.

2. Adobe Premier Pro :  Export QuickTime files from Premier Pro for Stock Footage Submission.

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