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Adsense not showing after redirecting Blogger to custom domain : How to fix Tutorial

This tutorial explains about : How to Show Adsense Ads on Custom Domain on Blogger with Hosted Adsense Account 

If you feel tired to read the tutorial, you are welcome to watch the tutorial. :) 

Did you have a adsense account  which you had got through blogger.com domain (blogspot site) or youtube.com? 
As a example, if you had a blogger site like  myexample.blogspot.com , which you had adsense running on that site. Now if you shift your blogger domain to a custom domain like myexample.com , then google adsense will not show ads on your new domain.

The reason is behind with the adsense account type. Google have several host partners such as blogger.com, youtube.com, Hubpages.com and if you apply and get accepted adsense account through a host partner, then that account is considered as a "Hosted account".

You can find out this by login to your adsense account. www.adsense.com
Once you logged to it, check top right corner. If it is a hosted account, then it will say red color text message saying "Hosted account". 
and if you click on the ? mark, then it will tells you this message. 

If it says like that, then solution is simple. You need to apply for it. 
Click on the Wheel icon on the top right corner, and select Settings.

Then click on  Access and authorization, Site authorization. 

Show ads on other  websites page, you need to enter the URL of the site (new custom domain).

Click Submit.

Then the page will say below message. 
Now you need to implement Adsense ad code on the new url. 
If you have custome domain running with blogger site itself, then still I suggest to implement a new ad code, even if you running adsense withing your site. 
( you can create a new ad , copy the add code to javascript/html widget at blogger)

Important: Even after you've implemented the ad code on your blogger site, adsense home page will continue to say to "implement ad code on your site for process the application". So don't panic, that warning message will stay until google adsense checks your site. 

You may want to wait for 3-4 days to get your site reviewed by google.
Hope you gett approved by Google and Good Luck.


  1. If this works i am gonna come and kiss you. Beacuse i was so pissed off by it. Thanks in advance... >> nerdsfuel.com

    1. :) is it time to Kiss me already? hope you did ok. Cheers!

    2. Thanks man, it keep on showing me annoying notification on home page... How much time or how much impression requires for approval??>

    3. give it 2-3 days, adsense will review it. :) (you site should be in good standing,..and eligible with adsense policies)

  2. i did exactly what you wrote , still there is no email from adsense and the home page still pops up the message "implement the code".

    PS: it has been a week

    1. If you did it right, it should say...."implement ad code on your site for process the application". for few days. Even after you implemented the ad code. (please watch the video tutorial for more clear instructions). By the way, you are not suppose to get any email from adsense for this. Let me know how it went..

    2. I implemented the code correctly. Still there is nothing going on with my website.

    3. I checked your site. I can see, you've implemented the ad code. (I can see them in source code )..So i think, problem is adsense is still not recognising your domain name.

      Please check these...
      - Go to setting -> Site Management .. and on this page..what sites are listed there?

      - Did you see this message once after entering the domain..
      (Thank you for applying to show ads on non-hosted websites? )

  3. Please help me, some of my post doesnt display ads..

    I have a fully approved adsense account but still exeperiencing my this problem.

    My website


  4. Got a problem with my adsense too, please check:

    Pinoy Tambayan

  5. And now, got my problem adsense and I hope to improved to much.


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