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How to Fix Photo Quality Issue while uploading photos on Blogger (fixed)

 You can watch video instead of reading tutorial. :)

Ok..now this issue occurred to me recently while I was working on a blogger post. I could notice the images I uploaded through blogger interface have being grainy, splotchy, and had more contrast. Now if you check below two images, that's what I experienced.

Image uploaded with quality issues. (Check the darker color of this image, and less image quality )
grainy, splotchy, and had more contrast.
grainy, splotchy, and had more contrast.
grainy, splotchy, and had more contrast.

and, This is the original image with original quality. and this is how it looks after problem fixed.
So the issue with Google Plus setting. Normally when you uploading any picture to blogger site means, they are automatically saving in Picasa  album.  So this setting has to do something with that. They have set this default option to "Auto Enhance' pictures for Picasa. So we need to change it.

This is how you fix it..

  •     Make sure you're logged into your Google account.
  •     Go to your Google+ home screen.

Then it will take you to your Google+ page.
  •  Mouse over 'Home' and a menu should show up. Scroll down and click 'Settings'

    Then it will load the Settings page. Scroll down to the "Photos" section. Check the image below.

There is Option called "Auto Enhance" with three radio boxes. Default selected option should be "Normal"  in your settings. This is what causing the problem. Change this to "off".  

So, Change it like this..

So, Your settings will save automatically.

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